Dustin & Jennifer

September 4, 2015

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Our Story

Jen started working at PlattForm the summer of 2013, where Dustin had already been employed for almost two years. They played sand volleyball together on the PlattForm team and got to know one another, becoming friends. Dustin was twitterpated but he never asked her out. What a goof. Dustin left for another job, but they reconnected one night at a happy hour for former employees. The next day, Dustin [finally] asked Jen out on a date ... it was to be the last first date either of them would ever have.

That last first date was followed by the last first kiss, and they officially began their relationship on March 4th, the day before Jen’s birthday.

Sushi dates, first weekends in Kansas City's west bottoms, Netflix marathons and family fun nights with Dustin’s two beautiful daughters commenced for months. On December 30th – Dustin’s birthday – they made their commitment to each other official when Dustin proposed and Jen said ABSOLUTELY! Yep, she cried.

They will get married on September 4th, surrounded by their loved ones, becoming a family. They are very excited to have each and every one of you join them to witness their commitment. It will truly be a #StellerNight for all involved!

Wedding Details


7:00 pm

The Guild KC

1621 Locust St.
Kansas City, MO 64108


Also at The Guild KC
7:30ish pm

Please join us for heavy appetizers, smoothies,
dancing, drinks, dessert, laughter and celebration!

RSVP before August 28th-ish to join the party!

Photography by the veritable genius, Neal Troester at LemonLime. Thank you, my friend.

Other Fun #StellerNight Stuff

Cocktails & Coffee

Open beer and wine bar all night long from The Guild. Don’t forget to tip your bartender ... he’s basically family.

Real-fruit smoothies and coffee creations from the Coffee Cake KC Truck outside the venue from 7:15 until 9:00.


The Guild is in the Crossroads District near the intersection of 17th & Locust. There is limited parking at the venue, so we ask that you park on the street unless you are bringing one of our more mature guests to the party.


If you know them well, then you know they love kids. They would love for you to bring your kids along! Make sure you RSVP with how many children you plan on bringing with you. We will have a kids’ table with puzzles and games setup to help keep our younger guests (and Dustin) occupied.

Gift Registry

Being nerds, of course Dustin & Jen found a cool online solution for the traditional gift registry. Check out the couple's Blueprint Online Registry where you will find gifts from many different stores and online providers.

Gift Registry

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